How to apply:

  1. The application should be completed in electronic format.
  2. The application MUST be completed fully with no missing info.
  3. All required personal documentation, license, certificates, medical fitness, photos, previous company training, previous seafarer’s assessments by recognized bodies, etc. as far as it is relevant to Client’s requirements, should be scanned and provided in “jpg” or “pdf” format.
  4. The applicant data will be placed in the company’s database system for client’s preliminary employment approval on completion of initial documentation processing.
  5. Consent form to be signed and sent along with the application form and required documents.

Required documents:

  1. Ordinary passport.
  2. Seaman book.
  3. Certificate of competency.
  4. STCW Certificates.
  5. GOC (For officers only)
  6. International medical Certificate.
  7. Yellow fever & cholera vaccination.
  8. Visas (US C1/D-MCV/Schengen only).
  9. National ID.
  10. Personal photo(White background).
  11. Previous company references.

Application Form

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